IPAAG believes  that the minimum standards will help to address some of the problems that we identified with the online advertising of pets, such as poor standards of animal welfare, lack of information about its history, the offloading of sick or potentially, dealers masquerading as private sellers, the pets being swapped or ending up in the hands of unsuitable owners.

IPAAG will make it harder for rogue breeders to operate and will make it more difficult for illegal activity to go unchecked that it will be identified and investigated. We would emphasis however that these are minimum standards and we aspire to have better protections in the future.

Website advertisers complying with IPAAG minimum standards is the first step to solving the issues that relate to the online sale of pets, enabling prospective pet owners  to buy a healthily bred pet with confidence.

Members of IPAAG will be committed to educating the public about the online pet sales environment, and encourage consumer awareness and cooperation to improve animal welfare in Ireland.

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IPAAG Minimum Standards

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